Beginners Guide to Pressing Flowers

The doorbell rings, you go to the door, and surprise – flower delivery! Your beloved or someone special has ordered a flower bouquet online to make your day. You enjoy the beauty for a moment but then realise that you won’t be able to keep them fresh forever. No worries! Perfect Petals – the best boutique florist in Queensland – has come up with the following guide on pressing flowers to help you preserve flowers with sentimental values as a keepsake of your memories.

Luckily, pressing flowers isn’t as complicated or hard as you may have thought. What’s even more convenient, you don’t need any special tools for the process. Everything you need – you can find in your home. Indeed, pressing flowers is fun, easy, and a great hobby for all of you flower lovers. So, let’s begin and find out everything you need to know about pressing flowers!

  1. Make the Right Flower Choice

First and foremost, if you want your pressed flowers to be flawless and last for a very long time, you must use the right fresh flowers. In general, you should opt for flowers that are naturally flat and have one-layered petals to ensure they keep their shape and colour.

Such flowers include pansies, daisies, cosmos, geraniums, delphiniums, zinnias, violas, and any other flowers with small blooms. Still, if a bulky flower has sentimental value for you, for instance, lilies, roses, orchids, or alstroemerias, then you can divide them into two halves by cutting them in the middle using scissors and press each half.

  1. Prepare your Flowers for Pressing

Once you have selected the flowers you want to make a keepsake of, it’s time you prepare them for pressing. But, before beginning the process ensure that your flower heads are either in bud form or aren’t totally open and without tears and spots. Then, follow these steps:

  • Cut off foliage and plunge the stems under water
  • Ensure proper water absorption by re-cutting the stem at an angle
  • Pour water and flower food in a vase and put your stems in it
  • Place the vase in a cool and airy place away from direct sunlight
  • After a couple of hours take your flowers and lay their heads on a newspaper
  • Again, ensure the place is cool, well ventilated, and dry.
  • You’re ready to press!


  1. Press Your Flowers

As we already mentioned, pressing flowers is really fun and easy. You can press your favourite blooms using just a book – it is that simple. There are also some other ways, but this one is the simplest.

  • Pick a thick and heavy book that you don’t mind damaging
  • Place the flower on a parchment paper
  • Transfer the paper onto an open book
  • Cover the flower with another parchment paper
  • Carefully close the book
  • Wait for a month or longer
  • Remove the delicate dried flowers carefully.

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Want to give it a go? Don’t hesitate and contact Perfect Petals today, order flowers online, and ensure you have the best blooms for pressing!