For Those Who Think Outside The Box: Bold Bridal Bouquets

If you are planning on a non-traditional wedding, you’re in the right place. In this article, number one boutique florist for your wedding floral arrangements – Perfect Petals – is here to help you choose a bold bridal bouquet. No more classic roses and peonies! To stand out with a unique bouquet you only have to order flowers online and wait for your flower delivery, or visit our store and get the most creative ideas for your special day.

Continue reading and get inspired by the following bright, unique, and bold bridal bouquets:

  1. Billy Balls and Berries

If you really want your bridal bouquet to be bright and joyful, you should definitely go for yellow. In this case, a bouquet made of billy balls, also called billy buttons, would be a very fun, joyous, and cute choice.

Adding berries to these bright pops of colour as the focal point would also look exquisite. This combination is often paired with other flowers, which is a lovely way to add more colour but still express your individuality.

  1. Succulents

A succulent bridal bouquet – quite bold, isn’t it? This choice is definitely different and unique when compared to a traditional fresh flower bouquet. Thanks to the fact that succulents come in a great variety of types, sizes, shapes, and shades, you can have fun and play with various options.

  1. Pod Posies

Similar to succulents, there’s also a great variety of pods to choose from. Starting with the colour, pods are green when they are fresh, but brown when they are dried. Their long stem makes it easy to incorporate them into a bouquet.

  1. Kales

Can it be bolder than this? – Probably not. Using kale for your bridal bouquet is definitely outside the box. However, florists certainly don’t use the edible leaves but ornamental kale which, as the name suggests, isn’t for eating but for decorating.

Kale also offers a great variety of shapes, sizes, and colours (from tones of green, to white and purple) which make it very easy to work with and get creative.

  1. Dried Flowers

Last but not least, dried flower bouquets are all the rage at the moment! So, why not use them for your bridal bouquet, especially if you are planning on a garden rustic style wedding. Whatever your flower choice is, go for dried flowers and add wheat for a special natural and rustic flare.

Thinking outside the box when designing a bridal bouquet requires bravery and creativity. We cater to all wedding bouquet needs, from traditional to out there. Contact Perfect Petals to ensure you walk down the aisle with the most unique and eye-catching bouquet ever!